5 Fathers Day Gifts From Your Child

Father’s Day is this weekend and for some moms (like myself) I didn’t know what to get my husband from our daughters. He has plenty of socks, every tool and engraved desk weight possible so I looked around rounded up 5 great ideas for a special Father’s Day gift from the kids.


The first gift is one that I made last year for my husband with our daughters hands and feet. Since he loves DC & Marvel, what better way to decorate their hands and feet than to look like superhero’s?

All you need for this gift is a canvas, acrylic paint and a permanent marker. Super cute and super easy. My husband absolutely loved this present and has it hanging by his side of the bed.


I am in love with this gift idea of The gift of time jar by One Artsy mama. Once you make the jar, you fill it with fun activities to do together such as fishing, going for a walk or reading a book. I love that it uses the letter tiles because you can change up the name to “papa” or “family” which makes it a great gift for anyone in the family.


How cute are these Kid designed cufflinks by Creative Green Living? I think I will be making these with the girls this weekend for my husband. This is a fun and subtle way for dad to wear something from the kids at work.


I really love this idea to make for dads work office or man cave! Head over to The Soccer Mom Blog for instructions on how to make this adorable frame.


Footprints and handprints make the best gifts for Father’s Day and this is one that I adore! Head over to The Best Ideas for Kids for details on how to make this footprint rocket.

I am in love with all of these ideas on gifts for Fathers day and I hope you enjoyed them too. If you make anything, please share your photo with me.

Have a safe and happy Father’s Day weekend!

Xo- Jessica

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