Disconnect to Reconnect

I have said a lot lately that I want to disconnect to reconnect with the girls. What do I mean?

No television, no tablets, no phones, no electronics. Just us. Nature. Exploring. Enjoying this time with them while they are still little before they are too cool to hang out with mommy and daddy.

We recently went on vacation to the Midwest which is a completely different “feel” from the environment we are used to in Florida. While we were on vacation, we were driving around and saw this pretty little covered bridge so we pulled over to go take photos and let the girls explore.

We ran over the bridge and there was a hiking trail right behind it, so we decided to go on a little walk. I had never seen them so happy. They got to be outside without donating blood to mosquito’s, the weather was great and was cool, and the best part is we got to go in a creek without worrying about alligators. My husband even taught them how to skip rocks.

This, this was it. We had disconnected and reconnected as a family. We didn’t have to buy toys, we didn’t have to use a tablet, we didn’t use our phones (other than taking pictures) and they got to be kids and enjoy the resources of nature and being with their family.

Kids don’t remember their best day of television.

Have you disconnected lately?

Hunter US and CA

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