5 Ideas for Baby & Toddler Pacifier Weaning

Pacifier weaning is a struggle for a lot of children and their parents. A lot of children are emotionally attached to their pacifiers and it may be hard to take them away without causing a tantrum tornado.

We just recently removed the pacifiers from our house and let me tell you, it’s been hard. I’m not going to lie about it, but I wish we wouldn’t have waited until our girls were 3.5 years old to take them away because it probably wouldn’t have been as hard.

Here are some ideas to hopefully make weaning your child a little easier.

This is the most common and quickest method of getting rid of the pacifier and it probably the toughest to deal with. One morning, just throw the pacifiers in the garbage and never look back! It will be a rough 4 or 5 days/nights as your child gets used to not having their pacifier but stay strong, you will be tired and overwhelmed but it will pass and you will have a pacifier-free child.

I’ll admit, this sounds pretty bad but it has worked for us. This is the method we used to rid our girls of their pacifiers when they were diagnosed with a severe case of impetigo and had a rash around their mouths. We told them that the pacifiers caused the rash and that we needed to throw them away. In all honesty, I was hesitant to do it because I didn’t want to take away their form of comfort but the pacifier was actually making their rash worse and slowing the healing process down.

Go to the store, let your child pick out TWO balloons he/she wants and then when you get home, tell your child that the pacifier is going on a balloon ride. Tie the pacifier to the balloon, say “bye,bye pacifier”, and let it go. The reason I said to pick out two balloons is because my daughters LOVE balloons and are sad when they fly away or pop, so when the one balloon with the pacifier flies away, you have a backup balloon to soothe your child.
I personally think that this method would have worked if we would have done it when the girls were younger.

I know a lot of moms who have used this method. Cut a small hole in the top of the pacifier and when your child goes to put it in their mouth, they think its broken and don’t want it anymore. If your child still sucks on the pacifier with the small hole, when they put it down, cut the hole a little bigger until they don’t want to use it anymore.

We actually tried this method and it didn’t work for us, but I know it has worked for some of my friends. The slow method means to take the pacifiers away bit by bit. Start by taking them away during car rides and after a week of that being a success, then take it away during nap time and once they are accustomed to that, take it away altogether. You can also use this PACIFIER WEANING SYSTEM to help out during times when your child would normally have their pacifier.

Whatever you choose to do for your child, prepare yourself for a sleepless week and as hard as it may be, don’t give in!!! It will just make it harder the next time you try to take it away.
Just know that your child won’t be walking down the aisle with a pacifier in their mouth. They will let it go eventually, so try not to stress too much about it. You are doing great!

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